Chutney Combos 9 280.00 Chutneys, Chutneys Combos, Pack of 6
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100% Authentic Home Made Chutneys
+ Save Rs 30 on this combo
+ Pack of 1 Each | Net weight: 100 gms/ pack
+ 100% Vegetarian
+ Made with 100% Natural Ingredients
+ No preservatives and No added colors

  • This is a Combo pack of Shenga Chutney, Kashaya Powder, Mixed Pickle
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Kashaya Powder:
– Kashai is something that is in practice for ages, made with proven herbs and spices.
– This can be a healthy substitute for beverages like tea and coffee.
– Making this is quite an easy boil milk or a mix of half milk and half water along with a spoon of this powder. Sugar or Jaggery can be added to enhance the taste. For best results have this drink twice a day.
– With no colors and preservatives added, it is completely safe to consume and is certified by the legal body FSSAI.

Shenga Chutney:
Groundnuts being an excellent source of various vitamins and minerals, Annapurneshwari acquires raw materials from the known associates and trails through a rigorous process of cleaning. According to the requirement, they are then processed to chutney following a standard recipe with handpicked ingredients. Annapurneshwari Shenga Chutney is a must-try from its basket of products being offered.

Mixed Pickle:
If something is liked across pan India, then that is Pickle. Annapurneshwari presents another product of all time, that is ‘Annapurneshwari Pickle’. A product that all aged groups love, is now in stores. With handpicked ingredients bundled with mixed vegetables, oil, spices prepared in a traditional way they have all sorts of pickles with the essence of home-made taste. Buy and cherish these with curd rice or chapatti or Paratha anything that you did like.

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Weight 650 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 9 cm


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