About Us

Chutney parcel please…

It all started with that one phrase.

A phrase we would hear after every happy customer walked out of our restaurant. Tucked away in a quiet bylane of Belgaum, Annapurneshwari Thali restaurant has been serving traditional North Karnataka meals and snacks for years. What was our most popular item, you ask? The chutneys of course!

Following the roaring demand for our chutneys

we started to keep extra packets of our shenga, putani, and other chutneys at the billing counter for customers to pick up at check out. The popularity soared, the packets ran out before we could refill them, and our chutneys became the staple in every house in Belgaum!

But something else happened

With globalization knocking on our doors and our sons and daughters moving far and wide for jobs, we realized how much people yearned for a taste of home, of familiarity, of comfort. Our chutney wasn’t just an accompaniment to a meal, it was a reminder of times spent among loved ones.

And that’s how Annapurneshwari chutneys were born. To give you joy and comfort in food, and to do so keeping your health and taste in mind. Our chutneys are made from the freshest of ingredients, sourced locally, and hand made with love, following the recipes that have been handed down over generations in our family.

North Karnataka has followed a tradition of including a healthy amount of nuts and seeds in their diet. Our chutneys, made out of peanuts, flaxseed, niger seed, coconut, etc. are rich in healthy fats and nutrients. With the world recognizing the benefit of a low carb high-fat diet, it’s easy to see how our chutneys are 100% healthier than their closest relatives; the pickles. Pickles with their high salt & oil content, remain a staple on the dining table of most Indian households. Our mission is to replace that bottle of a pickle with a healthier alternative. And trust us, our chutneys make any dish taste better!

Our Ingredients Sourced from the best

100% Natural

No additional colour, preservative or chemicals

Fresh Ingredients

Each ingredient is sourced from specific regions which are known for top quality produce.

Healthy and Tasty

Our chutneys are made of natural fats like coconut and nuts that are incredibly tasty while being a much healthier alternative to pickles

Committed to local

Our chutneys are hand-made with love by a community of differently abled-women.

Integrity and authenticity are the pillars of our brand. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any adulteration or use of preservatives in our products. Raw materials are sourced from places where products are indigenous to ensure premium taste and quality

What Our Customers Say

Received the package I'm time..The packing was also nice and secure...The taste was authentic and quantity was also good...to top it they delivered 1 plus 1 ... made my vada paws delicious..Based on my own experience...Would highly recommend this to others as well...Will surely repeat the order once I finish this one..🙂🙂👍

Roma Nandwani


I'd tried a lot of similar products from online websites but had given up hope. This one was recommended by my friend and it really lives up to my expectations.. Great taste.. For me it's the best option online.. A perfect combination of coconut and garlic..



An excellent and authentic sengha chutny from anpurnewshwari. The taste, quality, packing everything very very well done and excellent. A high class value for money product.

Vikas Kathi


Excellent! right amount of spice and zing. Goes with pretty much everything! always love trying local chutneys and pickles from different parts of India. This one doesn’t disappoint!<>/span





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